Zak's Platform
for NY-03.

Defeating extremism and restoring leadership.

The rise of George Santos and MAGA Republicans is not a joke or an anomaly. It is the symptom of decades of failed leadership across the state and a status quo where corrupt politicians have chosen to play games at the cost of our families' best interests. With soaring costs and an increasingly unclear future, it’s no wonder people are left disillusioned and angry. Zak has spent years defeating MAGA extremists across the country in some of the most competitive districts and states, and he is ready to be a bridge builder with those left out to dry by corrupt politicians. New Yorkers are hungry for fresh leadership, and Zak is bringing a vision for the district rooted in deep care and pride in his community.

Investing in the next generation.

Zak has dedicated his entire life to improving public education and putting our students first. Zak’s grandparents moved to Great Neck for the promise of strong public education, but now, our schools have become a political battleground, and partisan fights have cost us crucial funding and support for our students and teachers. That’s why Zak will be an unrelenting fighter in Washington to bring home funding for our schools, teachers, and students.

Bringing back affordability and the American Dream.

This district has always been a place where families like mine could put down roots so their kids could grow up and prosper, with both access to the opportunity of the city and the community of the suburbs. However, it has become too expensive and too hard to make a life here, and the district’s great promise is falling out of reach. Families who have been here for generations are watching their children move away. Across every corner of the district, home prices and rents are up, local businesses are struggling with increased costs, and residents aren’t sure what the future holds. In Congress, Zak will prioritize policies to keep homes affordable, invest in small business owners, and bring down the sky-high costs of healthcare in the district.

Keeping our community safe.

Keeping our communities safe is the core role of government. Zak understands that we must tackle public safety both short term and long term to secure our communities. Short term, we must increase funding to law enforcement to provide better training and increase patrols, pass common-sense gun legislation to curb the epidemic of gun violence, and expand our mental-health resources so those who need it get the help they need. Long term, we must invest in education, job training, and youth programs, which has been shown to radically curb crime, to ensure our community is thriving.

Safeguarding our environment and creating jobs in the green economy.

Climate change is the greatest threat to our future. We must ensure we are investing in our children and grandchildren by moving towards a greener future and making long term investments in a future that will be cheaper, safer, and better. With historic climate investments coming from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and Inflation Reduction Act, Zak wants Queens and Long Island to be a leader in the green economy, bringing good-paying jobs and cutting-edge technological and industrial projects to the district.

Zak in his community.

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